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7 Reasons to Choose RAWkin’Juice!

100% Organic

Farm-fresh local raw produce
We capture the healthy nutrient vibrations from local-grown, farm-fresh, 100% organic vegetables and fruits harvested for optimal ripeness. No chemicals. GMO-free. No preservatives. Nothing artificial.

Auger Press

The most holistic nutrient-capture juicing
Our slow and gentle Auger Press yields the highest nutritional values and delivers taste perfection. Better than Cold Press. No heat. No freeze. No pasteurization. No aeration. No filtering.

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles keep juices pure and safe
Our glass bottles protect the nutritional and vibrational integrity of our juices and smoothies.

Spring Water

In smoothies and tonics
We don’t use filtered or processed water that typically contain fluorides, salts, and acids. We only use Spring Water with the ideal mineral profile for better taste that is better for you.

Vibrations of Life

Tune up your system
Live, organic, farm-fresh raw vegetables and fruits have natural vibrational frequencies. They can be destroyed by heat, speed or hard processes. RAWkin’ Juice protects and preserves the source of plant energy transferring its fresh vibrations to you.

Delicious Taste

Our winning edge
Our flavor-rich blends of Green, Sunshine and Royal juices and smoothies, raw chocolate desserts and signature raw salads are incredibly delicious, fresh, and loaded with pure raw energy.

RAWkin’ Juice is…

like music for your body, mind and spirit
When you listen to music, vibrations enter your ear and go into your brain. The frequency of music affects how you feel. Fresh, raw plants also produce vibrations that resonate with your internal system.

RAWkin' Juice Organic Kitchen

Organic Open Kitchen

We make “music” for your mouth!


4201 West Alameda Avenue

Burbank, CA 91505

Hours: 7am – 8pm daily