How fresh is RAWkin’ Juice?


Why does everything at RAWkin’ Juice taste so good?


What’s the difference between cold-pressed juice and other juice makers?

How does cold-press compare to my home juicer?

How do farm-fresh organic, fresh-made cold-press juices compare to the ones they sell on supermarket shelves?

Would I get the same benefits from eating raw fruit and vegetables?


Where does RAWkin’ Juice get its organic produce?

What does Organic mean for me and why should it be so important?


Why do you use glass bottles? Aren’t you concerned about breakage?

RAW’kin Juice

Nature’s Health Benefits


Why does RAWkin’ Juice categorize its juices and smoothies by colors?

What are the benefits of your GREEN RAWkin’ Juice blends?

Which ingredients will I get in your GREEN RAWkin’ Juice tunes?

What’s in your SUNSHINE RAWkin’ Juice blends?

Which ingredients will I get in your SUNSHINE RAWkin’ Juice tunes?

What’s in your ROYAL RAWkin’ Juice blends?

Which ingredients will I get in your Royal RAWkin’ Juice tunes?


Why do you use spring water?


What are some of the key health benefits that I can expect from your organic, cold-pressed juice and smoothie blends?

I take what the doctor gives me when I get sick, but I get sick a lot. It makes it hard to hold on to a job! Do my eating habits have something to do with it?

How is it that live, raw produce is connected to vibrational energy?

Is juicing recommended if I have a health condition such as diabetes that requires prescription medication?


What is a Tune Up! Cleanse and why do I need to do one?

Is cleansing right for me?

Why should I want to do a cleanse?

Is a cleanse a substitute for a weight lose program?

Which Tune Up! Cleanse is the right one for me?

How many days and how often should I be cleansing?

Do I need to prepare my body before I begin a Tune Up! Cleanse?

What’s the right way to do a Tune Up! Cleanse?

What is different about your cleanse from other juice cleanse programs?

Which Tune Up! Cleanse should I choose?

How can I order a Tune Up! Cleanse?

Is there someone who could help me choose the best cleanse for me?

Will my Tune Up! Cleanse menu consist of the same items every day?

Do I need to consult a doctor before or after my cleansing?

RAW’kin Juice

Vegan Raw Kitchen


What is the difference between vegan, vegetarian, and raw foods?


What is special about your RAWkin’ salads?


What’s the difference between your raw chocolate desserts and a candy bar?

RAW’kin Juice

We Deliver Across L.A. & Beyond


Can I order from the menu on your website?

How soon can I get delivery of my order?

Do I have to be there in person to accept my juice delivery?

Do you cater private and business events?

Can I get credit for bringing back your bottles to your store?

Do you accept cancellations, exchanges, or returns?


Are you a big corporation, chain or franchise?

Where is your raw organic kitchen located?

Why are your prices more expensive than other juices?

Do you sell gift cards?